“Our primary focus always been on the path of growth. We whole heartedly believe we will have a positive impact to communities we invested into here and throughout North America. Whether it is Real Estate, Venture Capital, Childcare, Agriculture, Viniculture, or Agri-tech, our approach remains the same.”

-Sonny Janda, President

We approach all our communities with thought, purpose, patience, and perseverance.

Grow with us

The family business started in the 1980’s with parents Lucky and Kiran Janda. As an immigrant family coming to Canada to start a new family here they wanted to build a foundation for the family to develop and grow into with a focus on ownership, growth, and retention with the intent to pass it down.

Janda Group develops homes that support families, commercial enterprises that build livelihoods, and farm-to-table agriculture all in one diverse portfolio. We empower families to live, work, eat, play, and ultimately, lead their best lives.



Homes that connect and resonate with homeowners for a lifetime. Janda Group honours superior craftsmanship with the time and diligence needed to complete residential developments. Located in urban centres with many amenities, Janda Group provides the families of today with safety, security and opportunities that create strong present - and future - communities.